Sunday, August 10, 2014

GIT --everything-is-local

One of the advantage of GIT over CVS is, in GIT almost everything is local.
It means, you do not need to be connected with the server all the time, because 95% of git commands can be executed in the local repository.
Comparing different version of files, Getting the history of files, Committing the changes to the files - all are LOCAL and FAST in GIT.
There are very few commands, which are not local.  But they have reasons for that :-)
git pull/fetch - Pull/fetch changes from the server. (remote repo)
git push - Push the changes to the server.
git clone - Clone a remote repository.
git ls-remote - List references in a remote repo.
git remote show - Gives info about a remote repo.
git remote prune - Deletes all stale remote-tracking branches.
git remote update - Updates group of remote-tracking branches.

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