Sunday, July 20, 2014

Using Winmerge as a diff tool in GIT

Step 1:
Install Winmerge.

Step 2:
Create a file named ‘’ under your repository.

Step 3:
Write this into ‘’ file.
echo Launching WinMergeU.exe: $1 $2
"PathToWinMerge" -e -ub -dl "Base" -dr "Mine" "$1" "$2"
Path To Winmerge: Ex:  C:/Program Files/WinMerge/WinMergeU.exe

Step 4:
Update your .gitconfig file (will be under your user folder C:\Documents and Settings\YourName)
            tool = winmerge
            prompt = false
[difftool "winmerge"]
            cmd = $LOCAL $REMOTE

Step 5:
Using winmerge:
git difftool ReleativeFilePath/FileName

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